Our Publications

Implementation of UNCRPD Committee of Experts’ Recommendations in Kenya

In collaboration with with other partners, the United Disabled Persons of Kenya has produced a number of publications, including the following:

  1. National Plan of Action on the Implementation of Recommendations Made by the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  2. Prototype Persons With Disabilities Act 2016 - that aims at repealing the Persons with Disabilities Act 2003 which is not in line with the new constitution 2010 and Provisions of UNCRPD.
  3. Turning Intent Into Action: Strategies And Priorities for non-state actors to support implementation of the recommendations made to Kenya by the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Petitions and Memoranda to various Duty Bearers

In pushing for improved political participation of persons with disabilities in Kenya, UDPK, through the support of Open Society has lobbied for inclusion of disability issues in various legislations that have been under review in the country. We have presented several petitions and memoranda to relevant parliamentary committees, leaders of various political parties as well as the president, in regard to management of political parties and electoral reforms, including the following:

  1. UDPK-DCIC Senate Petition August 2016
  2. UDPK-DCIC National Assembly Petition August 2016
  3. Petition letter to the Senate
  4. Petition to Senate Majority Leader Sen. Kithure Kindiki
  5. Appeal letter to Parliamentary Minority Leader Hon Francis Nyenze, EGH, MP
  6. Appeal letter to Parliamentary Majority Leader Hon. Aden Duale, EGH, MP
  7. Appeal letter to Hon. Senator Dr. Kithure Kindiki, EGH
  8. Appeal letter to Senate Minority Leader Hon. Senator Moses Wetangula, EGH
  9. CORD Memo on Inclusion Of Persons with Disabilities
  10. Memorandum To H.E. The President
  11. Letters Forwarding Memoranda 2016
  12. Letter from Senate

Quite a number of laws have been enacted and have provisions on the need for the electoral management body to come up with the necessary infrastructure to enable persons with disabilities to fully participate in the electoral process.